9 Reasons to choose Floors2Go

1. We provide you with an industry leading 5 year warranty on installation– Your timber floors will have double the warranty that you’ll be able to find anywhere else which means your floors will last longer, without spending any more money. It’s all down to the high quality products, and the installation techniques that we use.

2. Our mobile showroom comes to you… FREE – Timber Floors look great in a showroom, but how will they look under your couch, next to your paintings, tables and the rest of the decor? Save time, and save the trip, we’ll come to your home and lay a sample floor out in different places around the room (or your home if required) so you can make an informed decision that you can be happy with.

3. Speak to the boss, not a pushy sales rep – When you call you’ll be speaking with me, Diego. It’s my company and I take great pride in helping people like you, renovate your home affordably. I don’t have quotas to meet and budgets to hit. So I won’t push you, crunch you, or swindle into anything you don’t want. I’ll come to your home, and let you see how these timber floor samples look and give you the time to make a relaxed, comfortable decision.

4. We will not provide you with a timber floor that isn’t water resistant, without exceptionOver 50% of floating flooring on the market (the cheap end) will not take water (or coke, or coffee). They’re made out of softwood, not hardwood like ours. When they get wet, they buckle and swells upwards – which means that either you’ll have an expensive and disruptive repair on your hands or you’ll have to live with a nasty bump on your floor where the two pieces don’t exactly meet. That’s why we can guarantee your floors for so long, we know that they can take a good beating and still look fantastic.

5. DIY Help is available if you want it… and we won’t hold it against you – We offer a full service including installation, but if you would like to do-it-yourself and just purchase the timber flooring from us, we’ll provide FREE one hour coaching session at your home to ensure that you get it right.

6.127 different choices of colours and styles – No matter your decor, we’ll be able to find a timber flooring scheme that not only matches, but makes whatever room you’re working on, the showpiece of the home.

7. 25% Off Protection Tools – We’ve thought of everything you need to maintain your home. We provide you with all the felt tabs that you need for your couch, chair, table legs to eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on your timber floors. Plus we provide you with a cleaner and polish that only the pro’s use. You can use it anytime to make your floors so attractive that your friends won’t believe you maintain them yourself. 

8. 10 to 25 year warranty on our products (depending on your choice)- On top of the 5 year installer’s warranty, you’ll also receive the manufacturers warranty which can last up to 25 years – just more piece of mind for your investment. Cheap usually means no support, but our suppliers will be available for faults for almost a quarter of a century!

9. All installers are licensed via the BSA – Whatever you do, stay away from unlicensed installers, it’s the sure sign of a fly-by-nighter. They don’t adhere to regulations, cut corners, and won’t be around to fix any problems – and with a natural product like timber, you can see a problem or two on even the best materials. We won’t allow an unlicensed installer to even step on your premises, ensuring that you get the right job now, and for the future.