Laminate Flooring

Made from Recycled Timber Products, it offers a hard wearing timber looking floor at a budget conscious price including Australian Hardwood ranges in both 12mm. & 8mm. Thicknesses.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made from HDF – high density fibreboard – which is bound together with melamine resin. While melamine lends structural stability, the high-density fibre provides durability, stability and resistance from impact.

The decorative layer is typically a high definition decorative image – an applied photo – that simulates either wood or stone, or some other natural material. Above this is a final clear protective layer, that gives laminate flooring its strong and scratch and stain resistant coating.

Laminate flooring installation

Most laminate flooring comes with a click lock system, requiring no glue to join the planks together, and will simply float over the existing flooring substrate, with some kind of foam or rubber underlay underneath. The choice of flooring underlay depends on the evenness of the subfloor, and noise insulation requirements. Be sure that, when undertaking your laminate flooring installation, you leave an expansion gap so the floor can move as required. For proper laying instructions, please download the relevant installation guide from the downloads section, or the specific product page.